We’ve spent years coming up with ways to make desserts that are much easier to prepare, serve and enjoy – for all sorts of customers.

By listening closely to the changing needs of the Australian market, we’ve been able to innovate and invest in ensuring that our range of breads, pavlovas and desserts still deliver that WOW moment with every bite.

For example, we understand the challenges our partners in foodservice have in coming up with creative desserts each week, so provide bases such as pavlova sheets, pavlova slabs and sticky date slabs, that let them save time and create impressive options.

The modern lifestyle demands products that are both full of flavour and easy to eat on the go. We understand that busy families need to get out the door with efficient ease and have helped our partners create the perfectly sliced, individually wrapped banana bread slices that can be popped into lunch boxes straight from the freezer and be ready to go by little lunch!