Petite Pavlova Tiramisu

Serves 8


  • The Country Chef Bakery Petite Pavlovas
  • 300g Sponge Finger Biscuit
  • 40g Hazelnuts, toasted and roughly chopped
  • 8 Chocolate Truffles

Coffee Mascarpone Cream

  • 750g Mascarpone
  • 600g Cream
  • 300g Icing Sugar
  • 8 Tbsp Coffee Syrup (adjust as desired)

Coffee Syrup

  • 200g Caster Sugar
  • 100ml Water
  • 30 Instant Coffee

Dark Chocolate Ganache

  • 100g Dark Chocolate
  • 100mL Thickened Cream


  1. Firstly make the Coffee Syrup, bring all the ingredients to the boil and store in the fridge until completely cold.
  2. While it cools, make the Chocolate Ganache by first chopping the chocolate to small pieces and place in a bowl. Meanwhile boil cream and pour and top of the chocolate leave it for 2 min. and then stir it in until melted. Cover the top with cling wrap and leave it to cool at room temperature.
  3. To make the Coffee Mascarpone Cream, beat mascarpone and pouring cream until smooth. Add icing sugar and whisk until softly stiff. Add coffee syrup and whisk for further 30 sec, then scrape down with a spatula and gently fold it together.
  4. To layer the tiramisu, start by dunking the sponge finger biscuits in the Coffee Syrup and layer in your desired glass. Next spoon your Coffee Mascarpone Cream and then drizzle the chocolate ganache and sprinkle the toasted hazelnuts. You can either cut the Petite Pavlovas in half longways or you can pull them apart and layer them before repeating each layer.
  5. Top the tiramisu off with a dusting of cocoa and a chocolate truffle.